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Time of great exams -
time of transformations and unity
Our Mission
Victory for Ukraine on all fronts: humanitarian, social, economic, educational. To counteract the effects of the war and daily rebuild a progressive, successful and comfortable country for every resident and descendant, as well as a grateful partner and leader country in the international arena.
Our philosophy
We don't need to wait for change, we need to create it, and by joining forces we can achieve greater results. Together we are restoring a blooming Ukraine!
Activity Vector
To scan society 360 degrees and implement projects that bring comprehensive change and implement innovative solutions to daily challenges.

Charitable Foundation «For my Ukraine» is a hub that brings together people, resources, ideas and opportunities to implement comprehensive national and international social projects in synergy.

Charity consulting
Charity consulting
We unite socially responsible business and help to integrate a sustainable social component into existing business models. We provide consulting services for charity-consulting.
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Help people
Help people

This is our humanitarian front. This is the support of the least protected citizens of Ukraine and those who suffered from the full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation.

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Help Animals
Help Animals
The attitude towards animals is an indicator of the level of consciousness and humanity of society. There is a duty and a task to take care of our lovely pets, and especially during war. Animals need our protection, help and conscious attitude.
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Ecological direction
Ecological direction

Our activities in this direction are aimed at overcoming the existing water and environmental threats in the country. Indeed, in 2022 in the center of Europe, people should not die of thirst.

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All projects
Our Team
Serhii Moskalyuk sunflower_color
Serhii Moskalyuk
founder of the fund,
entrepreneur, activist
  •  Before the war, he acted as a volunteer to save architectural monuments (social project "Balabukha's House" 1890).
  • Volunteer of the Red Cross,
  • Evacuation of more than 200 people from Irpin and Bucha
  • Organization of distribution of humanitarian aid on the basis of Novus stores (1000 tons)
  • Resettlement of evacuees from the nursing home from Dimitrovka (32 grandmothers),
  • Organizing a humanitarian aid train in Kyiv (more than 10,000 people received assistance)
Nikita Ishchenko sunflower_color
Nikita Ishchenko
CIO, activist
  • From the 5th day of the full-scale war, he united restaurant chains and organized dinners for Red Cross Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Emergency Service, volunteers, centers for displaced persons, and centers for the elderly.
  • From 15 lunches in the first days to 1200 portions daily. In total, during the period, he provided hot meals to more than 120,000 people, in the amount of more than UAH 9,000,000.
  • Traveled over 6,000 km of occupied territories to issue humanitarian kits and medical supplies.
  • Evacuated 120 domestic animals from the occupied territories of the Kyiv region.
  • Provided fuel in moments of crisis to units of the Security Service of Ukraine, State Security Service, Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Marines, Airborne Forces and volunteers. In total, more than 15 tons of fuel.
Ievgen Dushkin sunflower_color
Ievgen Dushkin
founder of the fund,
co-owner of the pet care center
for animals "Dog City",
film maker
  • Evacuation of more than 200 people from Irpin and Bucha.
  • Traveled 4,000 km through the occupied cities, distributing humanitarian aid kits.
  • Rescued more than 150 animals from the occupied territories.
Oleg Huhashvili sunflower_color
Oleg Huhashvili
founder of the fund,
deputy director for development
ANC pharmacy chains
  • Since the beginning of the war, coordinates the delivery of medicines to Okhmatdet, the central military hospital, Kharkiv Hospital No.4.
  • In two months, deliveries of humanitarian medicines worth over 1 million UAH were organized.
Yevheniia Bondar sunflower_color
Yevheniia Bondar
chairman of the board,
lawyer by profession,
with experience in law
and business support
for more than 6 years
  • Activist and volunteer of the Red Cross since 2019 - legal support for social projects and initiatives
Denys Sviatokum sunflower_color
Denys Sviatokum
business development expert and
business community ambassador of
"Board". Founder company FitEat
is a healthy lifestyle and nutrition brand.
  • Red Cross volunteer - coordination of interaction with entrepreneurs
  • equipped Red Cross volunteers - 10 thousand people
  • provision of fuel for the Red Cross - more than 23 tons of fuel
  • launch of a chatbot and a call center to help with evacuation and finding housing (more than 3,000 people helped)
  • organized supply chains with the EU
Serhii Slyvka sunflower_color
Serhii Slyvka
before the war - commercial director
TM Epikur (Operating Director of ProStor,
General Director of Bontoy, Commercial Director of Med-Service)
  • During the war, a project implemented in partnership with Novus for the supply of humanitarian aid - more than 1000 tons of products.
  • Organized in partnership with the Metro to issue humanitarian aid from stores located in the war zone - more than 1000 tons of products.
  • Implementation of the food package program in partnership with the Red Cross Ukraine.
This is a group of entrepreneurs, specialists, and activists united by common values and the goal of a free, successful, and progressive Ukraine.

We focus our skills, knowledge and experience on the development and implementation of complex projects with ambitious strategic goals and tactical objectives, organized processes

We met and bonded while volunteering at the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. But large institutions are sometimes too bureaucratic and inflexible, so it can take a long time from idea to implementation

This is how the idea of a fund that will work faster, more efficiently, more transparently, and will


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