Accessible pool for children rehabilitation

Accessible pool for children rehabilitation


  Monthly provision - 30260 UAH

  Project level: regional;

  Direction of the project: assistance with consumables for the functioning of the pool at the rehabilitation center;

  The basis for the development of the project: an appeal from the PUBLIC NON-PROFIT ENTERPRISE 'CHILDREN'S CLINICAL HOSPITAL №7 PECHERSKY DISTRICT of KIEV';

  Implementation timeline: June 2022 and subsequent monthly support;

  Location of the project: Kyiv.



  With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the main resources are directed to the victims of the war.  At the same time, people who have always needed support and help fade into the background.

  Supporting the work of institutions involved in the rehabilitation of children is especially important and strategic, since an increasing number of children with every day of the war will require rehabilitation as a result of Russia's military actions.

  Many children who have been in rehabilitation and receiving care in their communities and have now been forced to move to Kyiv must continue their rehabilitation programs.



  The result of the project will be free access for children in need of rehabilitation to the pool on the basis of the communal non-profit enterprise "Children's Clinical Hospital No. 7 of Kyiv".



  The expenditure part of the project, taking into account monitoring and purchase of reagents, coordination and provision of logistics, as well as related maintenance of pool equipment, is 30,260 UAH per month.

  A detailed estimate is available upon request.



  Project organizer: Charitable Foundation «For my Ukraine»

  Officials responsible for the implementation of the project:

  From the fund "For my Ukraine" - Tsyren Sergey / 093-773 2425

  From Children's Clinical Hospital No. 7 of Kyiv - Iosif Nikolaevich / 050-441 2080

  • Accessible pool for children rehabilitation
  • Accessible pool for children rehabilitation

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