And finally we can breath out…

And finally we can breath out…

And we are in a rush to tell you how our summer charity picnic with military members for children from the liberated areas of the Kyiv region took place on June 10th.

Working with children who were in the cities and villages of the Kyiv region when they were under occupation, psychologists noted that the children had a fear of the militaries.

So the idea was born to organize acquaintance and communication between children and our defenders. And invite them to a summer picnic.

Together with partners, we created this event to remove all possible psychological barriers, inspire everyone, charge with confidence and faith in our Victory and the bright future of Ukraine.


  • Charity Foundation «For my Ukraine»
  • Social Organization "League of Life"

Our partners:

  • Kyiv Youth Center
  • Volunteer initiative "Childhood right away"
  • SO "Kyivshchyna - it’s us"
  • Graffiti artists
  • Municipal Enterprise  «Kyivpastrans»

Thanks to the head Dmitry Levchenko, who rapidly got involved and supported us

We also thank our partner NOVUS for providing the gifts that the military gave to the children.

Communication with children charges for a happy and progressive future.

Communication with the Ukrainian military is incredibly inspiring, but gives hope that very soon the war will end with our Victory!

And we have brought everyone together!

In addition to master classes, animal therapy and horseback riding, creating a proper art installation and competitions from animators, this meeting also had psychological tasks, so it was moderated by psychologists.

They explain that such communication is now necessary for everyone: the military, children and their parents.


  • help children get rid of fears;
  • talk about the great mission and important task of our Ukrainian military;
  • recharge with positive emotions

The picnic was successful, interesting, tasty and very emotional for everyone. All charged, inspired and pleasantly tired.

The children inspired the militarists, and the militarists inspired everyone around.

We cannot do without your support in order to hold such events on a regular basis.

  • And finally we can breath out…
  • And finally we can breath out…
  • And finally we can breath out…
  • And finally we can breath out…
  • And finally we can breath out…
  • And finally we can breath out…

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