Construction of board and care homes for seniors

Construction of board and care homes for seniors

In Ukraine, there is a great need to change the approach to the construction and organization of the maintenance of the elderly in geriatric centers. Existing houses do not withstand any criticism, it is necessary to fundamentally change the culture of organizing their work.

The charity foundation "For My Ukraine" researched the best practices of international organizations, detention centers for the elderly and formed the concept of an institution for implementation in Ukraine.

We want to convey and strengthen the idea in society: old age should be happy.


The main goal of the project is to create a geriatric center that takes into account all the needs of the elderly.

Organization of living space according to the principles of inclusiveness: a well-thought-out infrastructure for a full life and the creation of conditions for the self-realization of older people.


  • a large area for walking and doing sports, gymnastics;
  • the opportunity to spend time for your own pleasure, caring for pets;
  • have access to workshops and facilities to develop their hobbies;
  • visit the greenhouse and have the opportunity to grow eco-vegetables and herbs for the needs of the food block of the complex.
The implementation of all vital functions, filling and varied leisure should create a homely and comfortable atmosphere for a full life.


Most of the state centers for the elderly do not meet the needs of life and have great limitations for a fulfilling life. Geriatric centers do not have enough money from the budget for the restoration and construction of new and high-quality premises, and the costs of food and care staff are barely reimbursed. In Ukraine, the ratio of older people to young people will grow in the near future, which will require additional expenditures from the budget from the state.

We propose the creation of a new type of geriatric center, in which the activities and maintenance of the complex are ensured at the expense of paid places, and state money is used directly for the needs of older people who are supported by social services.


Construction of a modern complex in a green recreational area, consisting of a geriatric complex, a hotel complex for visiting relatives, a family health clinic, workshops and greenhouses.

Land area - 28 hectares.

The total area of all buildings of the complex will be 7 000-8 000 m2.


Create a space in which the elderly will feel comfortable and cozy. They will have the opportunity to realize themselves and live a full life in an emotionally and socially filled environment, to feel needed.

For young families, this is an opportunity to provide their parents with conditions that meet their age-related needs (medical care, being among their peers, leisure activities, etc.).

This project is planned to be implemented with the support of international funds, donors and the state, which will create an opportunity to scale it to other regions of Ukraine.

Old age should be happy!


  • Construction of board and care homes for seniors
  • Construction of board and care homes for seniors
  • Construction of board and care homes for seniors
  • Construction of board and care homes for seniors

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