The Foundation's activities are concentrated in 4 directions

The Foundation's activities are concentrated in 4 directions
Charitable Foundation "For my Ukraine" is a fund-hub that brings together entrepreneurs, experts in various fields in its team.
Accumulating the successful experience of the team and diversifying the problems that our society faces, we are looking for and implementing their solutions.

The Foundation's activities are concentrated in 4 directions:
  1. Development of a culture of social entrepreneurship. We unite socially responsible business and help to integrate a sustainable social component into existing business models.
  2. Helping people is our humanitarian front. We work every day to support and help the least protected citizens of Ukraine and the victims of Russia's full-scale military aggression.
  3. Helping animals and developing eco-ethics. The attitude towards animals is an indicator of the level of consciousness and humanity of society. Duty and task to take care of animals in times of peace and especially in times of war.
  4. Ecological direction. The key vector is the transformation of environmental water standards in Ukraine and providing the population with high-quality drinking water.

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